Photo session 10 spring



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  1. Her shoes are so beautiful and her hair with rose… she is so lovely, But we know her now from your photographs dear Rod, Blessing and Happiness for you both, Thank you, with my love, nia

  2. alotonyourplate

    the hair is gorgeous

  3. I like her face, flower, skirt and shoes breaking through the gray of the environment of concrete – like grass, flowers, and moss on the pavement. she gives the surroundings a touch of nature. πŸ™‚

  4. Beautiful shots. Beautiful young woman. Thanks for liking the post today on my photography blog.

  5. What a beautiful young woman. Love the way you’ve captured her ‘joie de vivre’.

  6. Refreshingly original approach to portraiture. Well conceived!

  7. Such a modest smile but so magnetic.

  8. Beautiful photos. Thank you for visiting my blog and ‘liking’ my picture;)

  9. Love the pics…..beautifully done

  10. I love this pic…..DSC 3656

  11. Very nice set of portraits of a beautiful, fresh faced model. There might be the occasional focus issue; image 8, for example and with a few there are distracting background details but these are lovely photos. I admire the fact that you get in close and are not afraid to crop the head with the edge of the frame. Perhaps cropping off the chin is a step too far though. LOL.

    I am enjoying your images, regards, John.

  12. I have the cream versions of those shoes!!

  13. Nice and pretty … the subject and the pictures…

  14. thanks for visiting my blog! I just love taking photos and i can see that you do too!

  15. what a sweet smile, and nice pics!

  16. Thank you for visiting my gallery, your β€˜like’ and most of all for β€˜following’. I am delighted and grateful for your interest. Best wishes, love and light. Yelena

  17. Heather Muno Siebenaler

    Way cute photoshoot!!!

  18. Hey, weren’t you just freshly pressed? Very sweet photos of a beautiful young woman that reminds me of spring. Surprised to find you looked at my site, though honestly delighted. Thanks!

  19. nice looking young lady – glad you like misty morning coast- thank you

  20. and again – thankyou for the compliment on Carmel sunrise-8089

  21. my favs: 3648 and 3656!
    thanks for stopping by, too!

  22. very nice! I like 3644 and 3656 the most.
    thanks for stopping by my place, too!

  23. Great shots! You are so pretty πŸ™‚ Love how you braid your hair.

  24. So so beautiful, and awesome photography as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog, cheers.

  25. Love the images of the shoes and braided hair. So very pretty πŸ™‚

  26. Lovely images of the shoes and braided hair.
    So very pretty πŸ™‚

    Thanks for checking out my photography again!

  27. A pretty girl! And I love the lacy shoes! So feminine….

  28. Love the pink shoes against the striations of the grey floor

  29. homeflair

    Lovely pics, especially the ones with the flowers in her hair…so pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog πŸ™‚

  30. thanx for liking my blog…..

  31. Beautiful pictures! The flower in her hair: simple but complex and stunning!

  32. Boobieslifeandluster

    Such beautiful photography

  33. Lovely, beautiful pictures!

  34. pierrmorgan

    Stunning. Your entire blog!

  35. Some lovely stuff! Very natural

  36. Very cute.

    I like the natural look as opposed to the tons of make up and plastic surgery women go under these days.
    I guess the media has reduced most women to sexual objects.
    One only has to look a the filth hollywood spews and the adult movie industry

  37. I particularly like the texture and color of the shoes juxtaposed with the ribbed, gray background.

  38. i think my favorite one is where she is turned looking away. theres something about that pose!

  39. Wow, looks like a young Soleil Moon Frye!

  40. I like your ‘story” about this young girl/ Thank you for finding my blog Carla

  41. Like the tight portaits with only the face best. The frame the features nicely!

    / Miss Travel

  42. Beauty and feeling good is like night and day; just perfection.

  43. maur si caur


  44. She always looks so natural, very pretty! Love seeing her pictures. The full length photo showing the skirt and shirt, beautiful!

  45. wonderfully taken, pal…

  46. beautiful simple photos that are simply beautiful:)

  47. simply beautiful and thanks for liking my blog of New Grizzly Gulch Theme Park at Hong Kong DisneyLand

  48. sil86as2

    Lovely spontaneous photos. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll be back to see what you’re up to.

  49. Love the crochet shoes! =D

  50. Love that hairstyle with the flower! Thanks for your visit to The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen! I appreciate it! Cheers, PKN

  51. Simply beautiful! I love the shoes!

  52. Love this post. It’s what I use to click through to your site.

  53. Loved the pics. Beautiful spring with the gorgeous lady

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