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Jet ski



July 28, 2013 · 7:45 am

3rd RPC comming soon..

It’s official
On Monday 14-Jan-2013
the 3rd Rodposse Photography Competition
will begin!
It will be the clasic 5days and 1theme competition..
for those who know my blog!
For the rest of you..stay tuned for more info..
Have fun and I hope that you are somewhere warm..
those cold days!



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First session of the year..

Happy New Year to everyone!
This is the first post of this year..
I wish to everyone to make their dreams come true
because this will make them REALLY happy!

These photos are from the first skate session of the year
with Dimitris Zogaris
I help him to finish the video that he is making..
He needs a few tricks to complete it..
so when it is ready  you will see it in one of my posts..
Have fun and see you soon..

New folder New folder1 New folder2


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Need a ride?

need a ride need a ride1 need a ride2

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Sk8 session

Plus.. secret trick on a secret spot..
sk8 session sk8 session1 sk8 session2


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Wind surfing

For more photos click here:

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Rodposse Photography Competition

What would you say about a rodposse photo contest?
The entry will be FREE
All you have to do is to tell  me how many of you are interested in something like that
Of course there will be a PRIZE for the winner!!
We will begin soon with the first competition..
leave me comments to know what you think..
have a nice day!


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