Our park

Some of the most famous Greek skaters were there for practice..
You have seen them in older posts..but if you haven’t ..
you can meet them now..

Johny b/s noseslide

 Mike Vasilakis f/s bluntslide

Arthour Kiviliov fakie flip 

Manos Kuriakousis f/s feeble

Mike Vasilakis f/s noseblunt

Mike Vasilakis b/s smith



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21 responses to “Our park

  1. Cool! What they call “Extreme sports” is the only sports that are worth my time: down hill biking, skateboarding, bmx…

  2. Great action shots that look so dangerous to me…

  3. Great skaters and super shots.

  4. very nice blog and photographs. and thanks for liking my last posts ;-), cheers

  5. They make this look easy don’t they – amazing agility. I would kill myself.

  6. Ah! Energy…LOVE to be young again!!!

  7. Awesome shots. And if skateboards had been around when I was young, I wouldn’t be here!

  8. you “liked” my blog so I checked out yours and I love the photos. Great work. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff. Hope you enjoy mine and follow! 😀

  9. Superlativem the human body’s ability to balance. You bring it out so well.

  10. Great images… like them.. 🙂

  11. Great pics – I especially like number three – fantastic action shot!

  12. Heyy,,, thanks for stopping by and liking my blog and my pics I clicked 🙂
    You also got really nice interesting clicks above 🙂

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