The market



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  1. You need to make the pixel size of your pictures smaller so they open a bit quicker. Make them 1000 px along their longest edge. A lot more people will look if they don’t have to wait for the pictures. The internet has made the world impatient:)

  2. Love the angles and use of photography

  3. mymiyume

    your blog is really cool!
    Your aunts cakes are really impressive and your photography is very unique intriguing!
    Great blog!

  4. Great colours, full of movement, really nice pics

  5. the colours in the first three pics are amazing – thank you

  6. WOW! Wonderful photographs you did… Can you believe this I haven’t travellet yet this side of my country, but it is too hot for me, I can travel during spring or autumn but in these times my love is working so, I hope one day we will make this travel… Welcome back dear Rod, be sure I would be glad if you travel to my city too. Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia

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    He was in my country!

  8. Wonderful and colorful photos … love market photos – so much to play with … my favorite is the spies – stunning …

  9. artblablablablog

    I can’t believe you didn’t visit nia! Distance is not an excuse. 😉 very lovely photos.

  10. The photo in which the spices are arranged is really colorful and beautiful!

  11. Very colorful market. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  12. lynnwyvill

    Gorgeous colors. Looks like a lot of fun to visit!

  13. Love these photos which loaded quickly enough for me!going to look around your blog now to find your Aunt’s cakes! Here thanks to Nia 🙂

  14. Love the market shots, especially the spices.

  15. qualandar

    Liked it very much! I tried to read the lables on the buckets of spices. Here in Delhi we do’nt get curry powder lose.

  16. elizabeth

    Love the colorful photos of the market.

  17. Love the bowls, such creativity and workmanship.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  18. I always enjoy markets. The canes and the spices would have attracted me immediately. Nice photos’ ….

  19. Really enjoyed these! Would love to visit Turkey! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  20. Amazing!! This one inspired me. I should go to the market more often….

  21. I love the market.All those colourful spices and the dishes are awesome.Thank you for the upload.

  22. I have villa near Saklikent and recognised Fethiye instantly!
    Thanks for looking at my post-love the photos

  23. Great shots. Love all the color!

  24. kelseyshappiness

    I love photos of markets like this! It says so much about the culture that you’re in. I’ve got some great pictures of the meat market in Athens! To die for experiences.

  25. gorgeous array of colours

  26. Great photos. The colours are so vibrant. 🙂

  27. lucyintheskyx

    These photos are great. I love the colors, angles and subjects! I look forward to seeing more from you =]

  28. I love markets — they are one of the best things about traveling. Beautiful, colorful photos! Thank you for following Travel Oops! 🙂

  29. Street shooting is my kind of photography. Looking forward for more photos

  30. Nativegrl77

    thank you for stopping by …and for the like !

  31. your photos are outstanding, you rock!

    Thanks for stopping by sending me to your blog!

  32. Wonderful photos from the market. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  33. Thanks for visiting! The market photos are really fun and lovely to see! I posted it to my FB…Kartika

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    I wanna go and smell the spice.

  35. That’s an interesting and colourful idea for a set of photos!

  36. Beautifull colors indeed! I longing to smell those spices again… Thank you.

  37. Thank you for the like of my post “Warm Brilliance”.

  38. Their merchandise are so colorful! What is your favorite spice?

  39. Love how you can take the ‘ordinary’ and make it extraordinary! Love, love your work.

  40. they’re all great, but especially love pic #2. makes me want to visit turkey!

  41. Amazing composition!!! Loved all the photographs….

  42. Thanx for sharing your photos with us. I’ll have to come back to see more. and thanx for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day.

  43. Stunning photos, love the colours, I’m doing some fabulous armchair travelling around this blog!

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