17th Challenger – Electricity Pylon

Carl Miler
took this picture
behind the studio where he works
probably not the safest of images to take, as he even did it in the snow as you may be able to see some the snow flakes



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24 responses to “17th Challenger – Electricity Pylon

  1. Anne Bonney

    I love the many geometric and graphic possibilities that these structures present. Great photo.

  2. Reblogged this on Milners Blog and commented:
    I wasn’t quite safety concious when I took this shot in the Snow under a ‘Live’ Electricity Pylon… the things I do for my photographic passion 🙂 …please take the time to Vote… I came a ‘close’ second last time.
    Thanks ‘in advance’ Carl 🙂

  3. Great view and excellent symmetry.

  4. When I look into a kaleidoscope I see the same pattern….and…..viceversa,when I look at your photo……etc.etc.

  5. Carl, this is a fab photo. Good luck to you.

    • Thanks Viveka…I’ve not a chance this time, there’s some stunning submissions for this RPC….Buts it’s such Fun taking part 🙂 …

      PS: Good luck to you as well

      • I really enjoy it – I get a kick out if it … *smile
        Carl, it has a bit to do with how many followers and likes we have normally – and of course there are those that vote for every photo entry and that is a very nice touch.
        I think your photo is brilliant – I have taken a photo of the Eiffel Tower like that – came out great. Forgotten about that one -could had taken that, but I think my lamp is a fantastic shot.
        Good luck to all of us.

  6. Those amazing patterns represent the structural mechanics involved in holding up several tons of cables carrying 66,000,000 volts as they march across the countryside.

  7. Ron Scubadiver

    Nice geometry.

  8. WOW! I couldn’t have looked like that…

  9. sjophotography

    This has got to be top 3. Top job.

  10. perfectly symmetrical capture!

  11. Great photo, Carl. Good luck. 🙂

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  13. I really love your entry for this challenge, such perfect symmetry in your shot 🙂

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