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Filming for the new video – info

Me and Dimitris Zogaris
(the skater from the Farewell video)
started the filming of his new video!
Maybe I ll make a small part one too
We will see!
We haven’t decided the name of the video yet,
but we are on it!
Photos from the session coming soon..
stay tuned!
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Time is up!

As you know..
You had 3 days to sent me your pictures..
Now you have 2 days only for voting!
Share your links to win this competition!
The challengers are:

  1. Nia
  2. Lynne Ayers
  3. Sanna Zetterberg
  4. Linda Mcdonnell
  5. Adrian Pym
  6. Jensine-Bethna Wall
  7. A. Ratna
  8. Scott Marshall
  9. Terri Walton
  10. Clint Kamstra
  11. Chanel Alexandra Hason
  12. Tom Weber
  13. Nicole Hawkins
  14. Alec Smith
  15. Viveka a.k.a. Big Girl
  16. Shannon O’neill
  17. Carl Miler
  18. Max
  19. Heather
  20. Sylvia
  21. Elizz
  22. Hope Mj Distasio
  23. Eileen Brinker


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23rd Challenger – rainbow

Eileen Brinker
Location of Photo:  Salt Lake City Trax, Ballpark Station
2012-02-08_15-53-41_430GOOD LUCK


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