14th Challenger – Sunset Over the Pier

Alec Smith
says that
” This is ‘Sunset Over the Pier’ at Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, UK. Like you said, there’s lines everywhere and this image has a lot of them  I think the lines in the sky are particularly striking.”
603152_10151463581950815_1207495794_nGOOD LUCK



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24 responses to “14th Challenger – Sunset Over the Pier

  1. I like the awesome perspective …. And the colours ! Good work

  2. Thank you ‘schleefy’ The colours are a bit of a fluke and things like that are almost always unrepeatable.

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  4. This bring me back to my days living in Brighton. Great job – Good Luck!

    • Thank you. The east coast here, commonly known as the ‘sunshine coast’ has some great scenery.

      • You have a great shot here … lived in UK for 20 years and you have some beautiful coastline around your isles. My entry hasn’t been published yet, mine is very bold .. but somebody has to stand for that. Good luck to all of us.

  5. bibibapka


  6. sjophotography

    Great HDR, nice lines.

  7. This photo is a Wow! Fantastic view and perspective. Well done.

    • I’m actually pretty fond of it too 🙂 Seriously, thank you for the like and comment as well. On the day I took about 200 photos to get to this. Sometimes it really IS worth it.

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  9. I really like this shot! Particularly the contrast between the purity of the sky against the impurity (rusting, aging) of the pier.

    • That’s precisely what caught my eye on the day, and why I placed the camera so close to the railings. I knew the sky would be strong and I wanted the railings/wood to have an equal impact.
      Thank you for the comment (and the like of course)

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  11. the lines look hand-drawn like it’s a photo of a painting

    • You have a good point there. Partly why I call it all ‘Photo Art’ not just photography.
      I thoroughly enjoy doing it and also enjoy the comments – thank you so much.

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