11th Challenger – the spider

Chanel Alexandra Hason
took this photo on a vacation to Maui, Hawaii.
She got horrible food poisoning the first day she went there!
At least she ended up with some gorgeous shots from the trip



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13 responses to “11th Challenger – the spider

  1. Afraid of them. Arachnaphobia. jk

    • Spiders definitely aren’t on my favorite animal list… but they are still fascinating creatures!

      • agreed. when I was a kid, I tried to get over my fear by watching one in his web. it was a mistake. a fly landed in his web and the spider did what a spider does. it really grossed me out and made my fear even worse. jk ps, still you are right they are fascinating creatures, I just don’t want them near me or to touch me in anyway possible or I scream really loudly and my partner needs to rescue me. lol !!!

      • Totally agreed. I lived in Australia for a year -AKA the only country with every deadly creature to date. And let me tell you, the spiders there are on steroids!! They are as big as your face, no joke.

      • Maybe I won’t visit Australia any time soon. That would freak me out for sure. jk :roll;

  2. Beautiful shot … Good Luck!

  3. Reblogged this on Photography + Science = Chanel and commented:
    Entered into another photo contest- this time the theme is LINES. So I chose a photo of a spider in his web in Maui. Please if you like the pic go to this page and like the post! Cheers 🙂

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