8th Challenger – Misty Perthshire

Scott Marshall
likes also Rodposse competitions
and he wants to give it a try!
Misty PerthshireGOOD LUCK



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11 responses to “8th Challenger – Misty Perthshire

  1. Reblogged this on Scott Marshall Photography (Scotland) and commented:
    I don’t intend to chase votes but if you enjoy this image based on the theme of Lines then please press the button, Scott

  2. Very good shot. Good luck!

  3. sjophotography

    Nice shot, loving the fog

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  5. So ironically this turned out to be my most popular image by far (previous best http://skm1963.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/glencoe-glory/ has a mere 86) thanks for all your votes and congratulations to Carl Milner – For those of you who voted why not look around my blog yourself – enjoy – Scott

  6. I love this shot! The atmosphere is just amazing.

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