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16 responses to “Excavations

  1. Bambi Lynn

    Very cool, where/what is this?

  2. Interesting photographs….

  3. Looks like ancient sea floor.

  4. Impybat

    Hey Rodposse,
    Your photos are always awesome, and so I’ve nominated you for some awards. Check it out here:
    http://impybat.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/blog-awards/ but feel free to ignore ;D

    • I do not ignore them!I appreciate both of them..and thank you so much..but I have already won these awards in the past, I have made posts about them…and I do not use to make a second or third post for the same award..so once again thank you so much I really do appreciate them..!Have a really nice day!!:)

  5. pierrmorgan

    Great photos. Love the wheelbarrow artifact.

  6. thank you for stopping by my blog. You have some very interesting photographs, love the Dog series too

  7. Love your pics. They make me feel atmospherically centered.

  8. Wow these photos are so beautiful!

  9. Love them! But then, I’m an archaeologist, so perhaps I’m biased!

  10. I especially like the first one – you get the feeling that the trees are going to eventually just grow right over that rusty old fence! I’m going to share these photos with a friend who has been taking pictures of “human inventions that are being overgrown by nature.” Always an interesting topic, and along the same lines as archaeological excavations – archaeologists try to uncover the human inventions that have been covered up by nature. Thanks for this food for thought!

  11. I wonder what treasures they find in the cool layers of earth…. Nice.

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