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10 responses to “Hungry

  1. Poor babies… This is why I carry food in my car — and TNR whenever I can. It doesn’t take much to help.

  2. That looks like my cat Zoltan (the black one) on one of his jaunts.

  3. The third one is your best. This is why you spay/neuter and don’t let them outside.

  4. We have five like that. All the time!

  5. The cats’ eyes are mesmerizing

  6. Oh poor kitties!
    We have two cats that come by my house looking for food, we can’t just ignore them so we feed them. One hides behind the wall too, we can only see one of his eyes.

  7. willpowermentor

    What gorgeous eyes! I love how your photo series capture simple movement and expression that would typically be overlooked without the artistic expertise of your still photography. Could it be considered semi-still photography? You’ve exceeded the boundaries of “still” photography.

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