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13 responses to “Trees

  1. Hello, thanks for stopping by ritaLOVEStoWRITE. I’m glad you liked the post on Jim Henson and I hope you find other birthday bios to your liking. I’m enjoying the beautiful photography on your blog. Cheers, Rita

  2. I love this grouping! Thank you for stopping by my blog and bringing me here!

  3. Like the photo of the tree with metal rings, different.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  4. dawn

    trees are magic things…

  5. Love your work! Thanks for stopping by my blog and ‘Liking’ my work. It got here to some wonderful work – GREAT!!!

  6. Love this post. Especially like the last pic !!! so beautiful. Good work!!

  7. Beautiful photography, stunning colours and I love the short DOF on that last shot here.

    I wish that I could get back into all this, though my background really is in the moving image – all the same though, I do like a good photograph… just wish I could take some nice shots for my blog.

    Wonderful stuff. 🙂

  8. Thank you for the like of my post “Travel Theme: Foliage”.

  9. In Stuttgart, Germany, the king had ordered by mail Mammouth-Tree seeds. Not knowing how much one seed weights, he ordered for the ease of it one kilogram. – The Mammouth-Tree, however, has very, very tiny and light-weight seeds, making one kg more than 5000 little grains to be a tree one day.
    The gardeners, trying to please the king, planted the entire kg of seeds. When people realized, they they were raising an army or Mammouth-Trees, they tried to sell the seedlings for little money. It did not really work.
    Now, we got a forest of about 4000 Mammouth-Trees in the Wilhelma Park in Stuttgart.
    Your images remind me them.

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