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First R.P.C. starts next week

As I saw from your comments
you are too many who are waiting to take place in this competition!
on Monday
5th of November
I will announce  the begining of the 
first Rodposse Photography Competition ( RPC)
of course there will be a theme..
all you have to do is
when you see that post
  sent me your photo and the link of your blog via e-mail
(I will tell you my e-mail on Monday)
It will be a 5 days competition 
this mean that  it will end on Friday
The first three days you are able to sent me email with your photos
if you sent me your photo the fourth day I will not accept it!
I am doing this because I quess that you will need some time to tell to your friends and to other bloggers to vote your picture
so it won’t be fair if somone sent me a picture on Thursday because he won’t have to much time to do this..
and of course you will have these 3 days to go out and take a new picture !
Every blogger will be able to sent me only one photo!
More information about the theme and the rules on Monday!
See you soon and
Good luck!


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