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6 hours to go

In 6 hours from now the 1st RPC
(rodposse photography competition)
will begin!
Stay tuned
to learn the theme of this contest
and how you can sent me your photo to take place
in this competition!


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Open mind bbq

As you can understand from the title
Open Mind Tattoo studio
organized a bbq
and we couldn’t miss it
everybody were there..

the artist..

the chef..

the meat

the friends

the ghost

the Spartan

the pain

the beast

and of course this amazing sauce



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RPC menu

As you can see
I updated the menu on my blog
There is an option ”RPC” !
There you will see everything is going to happen about the Rodposse Photography Contests!
More information at midnight when the 1st competition will begin!
Stay tuned!

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