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RPC changes

There won’t be changes
about who can enter the competitions..
but..on the awards..
What I mean is that..
everyone can enter the competitions..even if they have won in the past BUT
everyone who will win three times in these competitions will be marked as
After a lot of competitions..
there will be a competition..only for the TITANS!
I think that this way will be more fun..
and fair of course for those who are trying so much to win one of these competitions and they don’t win just because they have more followers than others..!
Even if someone will marked as a TITAN
he/she can still enter the next competitions..
but if he/she wants to..
not to push it so much..
and ”let” someone else win
so that there will be more TITANS for the final battle..
Soon I will make the list with the winners so far..!
See you soon in the next RPC..
Leave me comments about these changes..




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