Nightmare or life?

can you see it?



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13 responses to “Nightmare or life?

  1. Dear Rod, sorry but can you explain this, I can’t see what you mean… what happened there?

  2. Not only Nia, that don’t see … it. Me too … but it seems to be pages from a book … or maybe it’s bank statements … *smile

  3. maybe love letters…:)

    • Thanks for asking everyone..First of all these are pages from a book!Now, when I saw this spot it came to my mind the hole world and that this is only one path and the communtity gives you only these things that they want you to know!(the next picture that I took is the end of the path where there is a hole and the pages end there so this is..death.I can upload it if you want)everything else is unknown for most people..this is why we can’t see it.this is why when we are looking at it..we can’t see it..and all we see is dirt and dust !Now see the picture again and tell me if I am the only one who sees it..:P

  4. Has a school been destroyed?

  5. Looks like some scientific drawings/notes with several diagrams…

  6. ‘Love Letters’ – what a great thought.
    I think I’ve seen something a bit more grotesque though… about 1/3 up on the left (to the left of the curled piece of typed paper) it looks like a macabre face in the bank of the ditch. Almost skull like. Anyone else see it?

  7. Love letters…. I am romantic one! But you are right, I watched the photograph in its bigger size and when you look at the bigger size it can be seen very clear you are right, it is a skull and very impressive…
    Dear Rod you are amazing how made me busy to find this… 🙂 Like a puzzle… But I am disappointed now because of the love letters… The story has gone with this skull…. Thank you, but Thank you for PhotoCrazy too, love, nia

  8. That’s pretty deep Rod! Not the trough your thinking :-). Maybe some more pics of Lara might help! 🙂

  9. I thought I was looking for a lizard or something. Then the papers reminded me that I am not very good at algebra and I was sad.

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