Shit happens




July 17, 2014 · 11:41 am

24 responses to “Shit happens

  1. sb2711

    uh oh.. 😦 do post the pics when you have it repaired….

  2. oh nooo… I cried a river as I killed my beloved canon that way :o(

  3. Oh shit! Hope it still works, though… A heavy book just landed on my Macbook. It’s not spotless any more…

  4. Yes it does.
    Good to hear the camera still functions.

  5. Ouch! You can replace the LCD fairly cheaply – you’ll need to lookup the tutorial online. I did the same to my Lumix, the repair was fairly straightforward. Good luck!

  6. Ouch…glad it’s still working…I have the same camera…my baby:) Painful!!

  7. Oh noooo, this is so sad… But it can be repaired in their service. I hope not too expensive and also they have the piece…Love, nia

    • Yeah, it’s not that expensive! I send a n email to nikon and they answered me..the piece was not available so I have to order it..when I go back to Athens I am gonna fix it..:)

  8. Oh no! Is it still working?

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