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A little story

A: An other boring day in the military camp.

A: Every day we smell …

A: …and smell the same spots.

A:WOW What is this?It looks like a tree bone!They say that it has a secret power.

A: I have to hide it before sergeant Robert finds it out and takes it from me.

B: Soldier!!!What are you doing here?And what is that smell in your mouth?What did you find?

A:Nothing Sir.This area is clear Sir.
B: Wait wait.WHO IS THERE??I think that someone is following me.

B:Anyway I ‘ll investigate it later.Come with me.
A.But Sir…

B. I said follow me.
A. Ok Sir.

B.Hmmm What is that smell?

B. Is it the tr…?
A.No Sir don’t …

B. What the hell is wrong with you?

B. Stop it or I swear to God I ‘ll…Ok it was your choice.

B. I will cut your throat you little bustard.

B. You wanted to mess with me.GRAAAAAAAAAAAAR

B. Good night Soldier


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On fire

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