Via mobile.

If you have seen the post “a little story”, then you know this dog.



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15 responses to “Actor

  1. Keep your people – I’ll take a dog, just about any dog (very perplexed by chihuahuas) any and every day.

  2. Not seen this film but dogs are always wonderful friends.

  3. I’m such a sucker for dogs! I especially like the little cute guy featured in many of your other posts (breed?). And by the way, great photos, always!

  4. thank you for your visit to art rat cafe – am looking forward to exploring your site…

  5. I remember that story! I thought he was a very good actor indeed 🙂

  6. Hi and thanks for dropping by my page! i also have dogs, 3 of which 1 gave birth to 2 cute puppies (so that makes them 5). i love ’em all, have fun with yours =)

  7. Love your photos!!! And thanks for dropping by my page!!

  8. Love your photos! And thanks for stopping by my page!

  9. dogs are really cute. especially when they greet you once you arrived home. thank you for liking my page.

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