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Beautiful Blogger Award

Here is a new different award
in which Rhonda nominated me.
( This is her blog http://help-me-rhonda.com/ )
Thank you so much!!!

As everybody knows here comes the hard part..
because with all those..amazing photographers and artists here in WordPress family
it is so difficult to choose only 7, as I have to do to accept this award

So the “lucky” 7 blogs are…:

1) http://helensjournal.wordpress.com/ awesome views
2) http://maryswiftphotography.wordpress.com/ gorgeous dogs and cats
3) http://robcartwrightphotography.wordpress.com/ a great street artist
4) http://natureviewphotography.wordpress.com/ an amazing view of nature
5) http://samsoeephotography.wordpress.com/ excellent shots of flowers
6) http://ourworldphotography.wordpress.com/ perfect colored pictures with so many different themes
7) http://photobypawelp.wordpress.com/ and this is the last one that I choose with many street art photos and nature..

Keep blogging  and have fun…peace!!


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A little story

A: An other boring day in the military camp.

A: Every day we smell …

A: …and smell the same spots.

A:WOW What is this?It looks like a tree bone!They say that it has a secret power.

A: I have to hide it before sergeant Robert finds it out and takes it from me.

B: Soldier!!!What are you doing here?And what is that smell in your mouth?What did you find?

A:Nothing Sir.This area is clear Sir.
B: Wait wait.WHO IS THERE??I think that someone is following me.

B:Anyway I ‘ll investigate it later.Come with me.
A.But Sir…

B. I said follow me.
A. Ok Sir.

B.Hmmm What is that smell?

B. Is it the tr…?
A.No Sir don’t …

B. What the hell is wrong with you?

B. Stop it or I swear to God I ‘ll…Ok it was your choice.

B. I will cut your throat you little bustard.

B. You wanted to mess with me.GRAAAAAAAAAAAAR

B. Good night Soldier


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