Explore my new menu

I have just finished the update on my menu!
I think that it is much easier now to explore the world..!

In a few months I ( WE ) plan a really huge trip..
so stay tuned
and you will see a lot of Countries and Places ..
I can’t wait to travel the world..
until then..keep following my blog 😉

Have fun!


Filed under athens, Greece

8 responses to “Explore my new menu

  1. Nice and easy to use – well done! Look forward to the trip 😀

  2. I was wondering where you have been… 🙂 I am glad to hear this, seems it would be exciting for us too. Good Luck, have a nice and safe travel… Thanks and Love, nia

  3. Haha, just realized the video below your post is an advertisement. Half way through it, I asked myself how is this related to photography or your site? Then I noticed the little word “advertisement” on top of it. Oh well…

    Thank you for stopping by and liking my recent post. Enjoy your upcoming trip! 🙂


  4. Well done… I’ll be staying tuned in..!

  5. Thanks for liking my post at http://eddiemyers.wordpress.com I enjoyed browsing your site. You have some very interesting posts. One suggestion – you should create an About page on your menu so that people could get to know you a little better.

  6. Hi there, just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog! I’m hoping to do some traveling the near future, but having never planned a trip before I have no idea how to go about the logistics of it. You’ve got some interesting photography going on, by the way. 🙂

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