Marina floisvou


Filed under athens, Greece

16 responses to “Sunset

  1. Photography by Gisele Morgan

    lovely images, the skies and silhuettes are beautiful!

  2. a wonderful pause – you can get lost in these images

  3. i like the color of sunset.

  4. A very stunning sunset! Gorgeous photographs~ 😀

  5. Beautiful colours, love the last one especially

  6. Paul Cahill

    The final image is beautiful.

  7. Nice! I miss not having the ocean near by and sailing. Cool and relaxing. Have a great weekend.

  8. last one is best 🙂
    the water looks nice..

  9. Lovely. I’ve looked at several of your posts. You have a good eye for photos.

  10. great photos you have here 🙂

  11. This ia a comment about EVERYTHING I have seen so far – Beauty, structure , character in equal proportions but top of the list is beauty!!!

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