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18 responses to “Relaxing

  1. Hi Rodposse!

    Really wonderful work you’re doing!

    Over on

    we’re launching a new feature “The World Today” which will be a handful of photographers around the globe who post a single image anywhere between once a day and once a week, of any subject, with the one requirement that the photo was taken “Today” (ish)

    The idea is that when you look at that section you’ll get a small view of a few of the things going on, or in photographer’s eyes, around the globe, that day.

    Would you like to participate?

    LMK if you have any questions.



    • this is an amazing idea…why not..?!!

      • Great, is your wordpress username “rodposse”?

        I’ll invite you to be an author on iRez, then you just make a new post, place your image, and then under it put a little info and a sentence or two (or more if you like) caption, like:

        LOCATION: Athens
        IN PHOTO: Rod Posse & Vaneeesa Blaylock
        We’d just been stomping through the mud to see bla bla bla…

        then in the wordpress edit window
        click CATEGORY: World Today
        type TAG: Photo a Day

        and you can title your photo either with just the date, like “3 July” or if you like, date and something else, like “3 July – Lemon Hunt”

        And then it’ll use the tag info to automatically put your post in the “World Today” section!

        LMK if questions!

      • is rodposse so..I am waiting for the invite..:) great project!!thanks for choosing me!!

      • hmmm… I actually sent that a few hours ago… I just resent it now… are you checking the right email & stuff?


      • I just saw the e-mail…I thought that you would sent me the invitation here!!I accept it!!

  2. elizabeth

    I’m sure that’s the very lemon I threw out this afternoon! 🙂

  3. Maggie says woof woof to the cute pooch 🙂

  4. the lime one has nice detail

  5. shellyfaber

    I love the pup’s face in ‘Relaxing’. Thank you for reading and enjoying my Poem.

  6. never thought mundane activities can look so beautiful

  7. Great blog you have here! So many awesome pics. Thanks for checking out my blog at

  8. I adore the doggie in the planter!! You caught the look on his face SO perfectly!!

  9. I love the dog! Is it yours? Mine is similar, but he’s black and white. Thank you for visiting me today.
    ~ Lynda

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