I heard a couple of complains about not telling anything about my pictures ..
So..I thing I ll start saying a few words about them..but not all the story
because I still love your comments and your point of view  on them..
and of course I would like to know what you are thinking about them..

so in one of my recent posts I said something about stickers..
the first 200 stickers are available to stick them in the streets
share them with friends and make rodposse famous ..
you can see how they look like!
have a nice day..peace!


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15 responses to “Stickers

  1. thanks for stopping by my page and liking my post. love the pictures you have here!

  2. If I might offer a dissenting opinion: I think the photos speak very well for themselves. It’s tempting to ask you to add a few words of explanation or context, but for verbally-oriented people like me this may only serve to distract from the pictures. Better for the viewer to have to do some of the work, to look and to think for themselves and meet you part-way.

    • As you can see even with the text there are so many different ways to explain a subject..this is what I love about people..!that they are open minded…or at list you can say they have their own fantasy..!ok I mean most of them because there are a lot of them who are stuck in this clasic word that we say..”logic”.I do not say that this is bad..not at all..But you’s more interesting like that..!thanks for your comment..have a nice day!

  3. Anne Bonney

    You really don’t need to explain – your photos speak so eloquently.
    Like the stickers.

  4. Archana

    good work 🙂

  5. Great idea….an efficient way to spread the word!

  6. StephenBrassawe

    If rodposse does not become famous, there is no justice at all in this world.

  7. what does the symbol mean?

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