A few statues around Athens-Greece..


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11 responses to “Statues

  1. the best statues make you want to touch them, as if by touching you absorb a tiny bit of their beauty

  2. I am enjoying the association of a statue on wheels 🙂 Since they are bulky… Now, if they could really move!

  3. Greece has some of the most amazing statues and architecture anywhere!! These are the best! sharing the wonderful miracles and beauty of your country with us, thank you and I hope to see more in the future. Years ago I met a guy from Greece and he had moved to New York and then to here in Hawaii and if I remember correctly he was a doctor I think…anyway he brought a lot of his photography with him to Hawaii and he would have these wonderful black and white prints which he would lightly shade in with pale colors so as to not disturb the images while making them most interesting too! He had a lot of old structures and fallen statues and I remember distinctly there was even one with a giant statues head laying on the ground nearby to other ruins…somehow their history becomes even more amazing when you see them in this state after years of history have come upon them in time. He was a really nice guy but he moved back I think years ago so you’re the second person I’ve met from Greece =). I can only remember his first name….it was George. Nice to meet you (*´∀`)ー♥♥♥!

    • Indeed we have some great statues..but unfortunately most of them are in musiems in other countries..!anyway..Nice to meet you too..have a nice day!!

  4. Thank you for popping over to my blog. I do wish I could take photos like you, they are fantastic. My daughter-in-law is Greek, my 8yr old grandson (they live here in Australia) speaks fluent Greek, we are so proud of him. His ya ya speaks to him in Greek only so he has learnt well. I will share your photos with them, especially ya ya, sometimes she misses Greece a lot. Kind Regards R

  5. Hi Pause … thanks for the visit. Your photos have great imagination, especially the unusual slant on colors.
    Blessings – Maxi

  6. nice…
    2nd and 3rd pic are cool

  7. the second..oh my! and love the color palette, especially the third

  8. Your pictures are taken at exactly the right instant always, never a second too late or a second too early!

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