Today I have something different for you..
I started playing with a photoshop ..
and I made the picture bellow ..
(some say it is funny..)
and I would like to share it with you..


Filed under athens, Greece

11 responses to “Flames

  1. A thought – it may be worth reviewing the lighting on his/your hand, as with flames I might expect some sort of brightening/colouring from the flames on the hand?

  2. Hi Pause,
    Great! Just call you the wizard now 🙂
    Maybe you will inspire me to do a self-portrait one day…

    • yeah it’s funny..well you know I do not use to take pictures of myself..I just love to capture what I see in the way that I see it..but you know sometimes it’s as I said.. funny!!

  3. SmallHouseBigGarden

    I’ve yet to fiddle much with photo shop or anything similar that enhances pics! I guess I feel intimidated!
    You’ve inspired me with this, though….I really like the idea of adding sayings and cute little extras….esp on photos of some of the little critters I see in the yard.
    Question: was this your first attempt?

    • yeap..with a little help of a video..I don’t use to work with photoshop..so I just keep learning about how it works..it’s not that hard actually..you should try it..

  4. Nice!
    Also, thank you for stopping by my blog.

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