A place to relax

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14 responses to “A place to relax

  1. They adore flower pots! All that lovely stored sun in the terracotta 😉

  2. We have two cats, they love tiny places even if it appears a bit squishy.

  3. A beautiful cat! Two cats prowl this house. 🙂

  4. Impybat

    Cats find the best places to nap. Mine are partial to boxes, though.

  5. There is nothing more relaxing….

  6. Lovely resting place. 😉

  7. It must be a comfy place if you happen to be a cat!
    I love cats :).

  8. Besides my love of cats, your photography is stunning! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Reena

    It simply remind me of our last summer in Rhodes, where I saw cats everywhere 😉 so adorable!

  10. Cat in the pot. 🙂 Cats are lazy creatures.

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