A place to relax

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14 responses to “A place to relax

  1. They adore flower pots! All that lovely stored sun in the terracotta 😉

  2. We have two cats, they love tiny places even if it appears a bit squishy.

  3. A beautiful cat! Two cats prowl this house. 🙂

  4. Impybat

    Cats find the best places to nap. Mine are partial to boxes, though.

  5. There is nothing more relaxing….

  6. Lovely resting place. 😉

  7. It must be a comfy place if you happen to be a cat!
    I love cats :).

  8. thewitcontinuum

    Just got to love cats! xo

  9. Besides my love of cats, your photography is stunning! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Reena

    It simply remind me of our last summer in Rhodes, where I saw cats everywhere 😉 so adorable!

  11. Cat in the pot. 🙂 Cats are lazy creatures.

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