Photo session 17 do you want a beer?


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17 responses to “Photo session 17 do you want a beer?

  1. id love a beer but will have to wait till later as im still at work… portrait…..thanks form the like….once again…..

  2. Your blog looks really nice! Thank you for following me 🙂

    Kiss Kiss,

  3. AMSTEL haven’t found what I am looking for!

  4. Love the first shot. Great expression and capture. The second one, though, I wish her hair didn’t blend in with the beer bottle on the poster.

  5. She’s beautiful 🙂

  6. That photo of the Amstel really looks good, specially as I’m a tail man, the portrait is beautiful.. if I was only younger… ummm…

  7. ….thanks for dropping by, some great work here. Nice ambiguity going on.

  8. So cool! Gorgeous subject. 🙂

  9. Very nice portrait but, being a beer ethusiast, not so sure about the Amstel! FATman

    • haha do you prefer an other beer??:P

      • Oh yes, Duvel from Belgium is my especial favourite – imitated but never equalled! I like lots of Belgian beers, but they’re getting more expensive and more difficult to find here now. And then the Czech Pilsener Urquell – and of course many real ales from Britain. But I’m a Somerset lad – not so much of a lad now! – and so cider looms large too! Adrian

  10. Like the second photo; can’t imagine what would happen if she could tilt the glass, finish it. Whew!
    Blessings – Maxi

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