When you see this post you will notice that the last picture is not about flora
but I put it in this post for two reasons

first of all it fits here better than with the other posts that I have saved in drafts and you will see them the following days..an other reason is that it was the same day that I shot the rest of them..
and the last one is that all of them has to do with nature..

Note: If you focus in that picture for a few seconds you will notice a motor vessel


Filed under athens, Greece

12 responses to “Flora

  1. These are good too. I particularly like the chair – and having the cat in shadow like that is an excellent move! FATman

  2. the chair is awesome…its really well composed…in the last one it might be worth exploring the option of focusing on the rod and using a shallow focus..maybe f//32?

  3. Wonderful lighting in all the photos.

  4. why am I here in a handbasket?

    I nominated you for a lovely blog award. 🙂 the ru

  5. I wonder what stories that gnarled tree could tell. I enjoy your blog photos

  6. Gorgeous! I love looking up to the sky, but the tree trunk is awesome as well!

  7. Woof Woof… Maggie likes! 🙂

  8. lisajan

    I love the ocean/fisherman shot and the cat in the shade of the bush. The gnarled tree is cool, too.

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