2nd R.P.C. coming next week

The first
Rodposse photography competition 
ended last week
There were so many beautifull pictures around the world
from some great photographers..
Did you enjoy it?
Do you won’t a second round?
Well on Monday
the second RPC 
will begin!
Stay tuned for more information!



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8 responses to “2nd R.P.C. coming next week

  1. It was so nice and so enjoyable. You are right it is so nice to watch and to meet new photographs from different countries. Good Luck for the second one. I am so excited for this. Thank you dear Rod, love, nia

  2. It was really fun and I’m looking forward for the next one. Thanks!

  3. StephenBrassawe

    ¡Viva Rodposse!

  4. Have been so great this round to enjoy and watch – maybe … I should maybe join next round.

  5. I’m looking forward to it in fact I can’t wait ! 🙂

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