Stop sending..keep voting..

So this the end of third day
and that meens that you can’t sent me any more photos..
or if you sent me they won’t be accepted!
Let’s see once again all the challengers
and don’t stop voting which one you like!
You have 2 days to do that!

  1. Artemis Kocheila
  2. Sena Kıral
  3. Jan Scenester
  4. Artand Kitchen
  5. Carl Milner
  6. glen indigo
  7. Robyn Lewis
  8. Susanne Irmer
  9. Broken Sparkles
  10. Sanna Zetterberg
  11. Anne
  12. Stephen Brassawe
  13. Tisha Clinkenbeard
  14. mig negrey vega
  15. Pedro Hansson
  16. Lael
  17. Damali De Mills
  18. Big girl
  19. Clint Kamstra
  20. Lynne Ayers
  21. Ferdinard Jacinto
  22. Shannon O’neill
  23. Sylvia
  24. Xavi Geis
  25. Daniel Wikstrom
  26. Adrian Pym



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5 responses to “Stop sending..keep voting..

  1. Reblogged this on myguiltypleasures and commented:
    Hi there, friends now I need you’r support – time for voting.

  2. So how do we do the voting ?????

  3. I want to vote for number 18. Big Girl

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