Here is the winner of the 2nd rpc

No 18
in the list!
Big Girl
has 123 votes up to now..




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13 responses to “Here is the winner of the 2nd rpc

  1. WOW …. thank you so much to all of you that vote for my photo – a photo that I was going to delate, because I didn’t think it was good enough to save – because it’s far from perfect in my eye – but after a close look I changed my mind and kept it.
    Thanks to everybody that I know that has voted – and thanks to of you i don’t know that – for one thing is sure I couldn’t done it without you.

    Lots of big.girl = Viveka.

  2. Viveka always has wonderful photos on her blog… I love this photo! Granny Gee/Gloria

  3. Felicidades, yo disfruto mucho de su trabajo!

  4. thegatorgal

    How do I see a picture of the winning photograph?

    • That’s a good point..I sould have post it in this post again too..I ll keep it in my mind for he next rpc..thanks!All you can do to go to the menu..rpc-2nd rpc-challengers of the 2nd rpc-and then search for the 18th challenger!!Thanks!

  5. StephenBrassawe

    That was an excellent choice by the people, Rodposse. It is an absolutely beautifully done photograph.

  6. Congratulations dear Viveka and Thank you dear Rod, it was a wonderful challenge. Love, nia

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