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9 responses to “Tiles

  1. Hello! I see you participate in WordAd program. For how long? And I wonder if it is possible to earn something? I joined WordAd just before New Year. )
    The second question, do you experience traffic drop these days? Christmas is over, but people seems still to be reluctant to visit WordPress. )

    • Hi there!I participate in wordads for almost 6 months now!All I have to say is that it is much better that adsence(of google) that I used on an other blog that I had!Yes it is possible to earn something but it needs a lot of work!!Indeed those days of Christmas I had much more traffic!!I hope I helped you!!:)

  2. One of my favorite objects … tiles .. roof, streets .. walls. Great shots.

  3. loved the first image!

  4. sjophotography

    This is just a note to let you know i’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, which is a tribute to his blog, which I think is especially good. Feel free to accept the award. If you want to accept, here’s the link with all the information:


    Kind Regards,


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