Floor project

a quick magic2 floor project



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13 responses to “Floor project

  1. I loved the idea and I loved more than this, the last one, you are amazing. Blessing and Happiness, Thanks and Love, nia

  2. How did you manage to keep the dog still??? Great photo and fun.

    • well that was the hard point because he was always moving and kicking the ball and leaving this place and trying to hide from me and when I was putting him back at his place he was looking at me like..”what are you gonna do to me??”haha!!That’s why I took about 9 or 10 photos to get e good one!Finally he stand still for a few second so I got this one..:)

  3. Awesome! I have seen people do this on their driveway and use chalk to draw pictures around their kids. The one I saw that was cool were kids that looked like they were being lifted off the ground from hand drawn balloons on the driveway. It’s amazing what creativity can do, eh?

  4. Very cute…the paws are in the perfect postion! Newest follower.

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