Winner of the 6th RPC..

I think that Ihave to create a rule about these contests!
Because everytime
the same persons appear as winners
I have to put a rule something like
”the winner won’t be able to take place in the next competition”
or something like that!
I want to know your opinion about it..
and we will see..:)
So the winner is..
Carl Milner
6th rpc image



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27 responses to “Winner of the 6th RPC..

  1. Congratulations … well done.

    I agree that the winner is not allowed to participate in the next one.

  2. I maybe the winner for second week running, which I’m so delighted about as its my lovely sweet dog, but I agree about the winner not taking part in the following weeks challenge

  3. Congratulations Carl! I am split on the decision to not allow a winner to participate again in your contests. I think on one hand that they should be allowed to participate, and on the other hand they should not. But, if they are allowed to participate again, that should only make “us” try HARDER to win the next competition. Game on, is what I say! I am up to the challenge to try to beat out Carl next time!

    • Thanks about your comment Nikita!
      I do think the same think about you..but I am trying to think more as a challenger..that..what if I make 30 competitions..and the half of them the winner will be the same..because he has mose followers on his blog than the others..!I don’t say that Carl didn’t deserve it..!He takes amazing pictures.and everybody knows that..and he had 128 votes..and only 4 votes back was the second one..(I do not remember the name of his..the one with the picture of the lion)they were so close..!
      On the other side..of course it is a challenge to bit him..!I don’t know..I want to see a few more opinions and I will deside..!:)

      Thanks again!!:)

  4. Congratulations, Carl … I think it’s an excellent photo and I think it’s the best photo – even if I think mine should have won *laughing
    I agree to some point about the voting and it helps to have many followers – I don’t have many daily followers, but I still manage to get a fair bit of votes – but I fight and push my entry through new posts too. I’m 2 time winner too.

  5. Impybat

    So cute, congrats!

  6. Congratulations dear Carl, it is a great shot, but you were both great too. Blessing and Happiness to you both dear Carl.

    I agree with you dear Rod, Thank you again for this nice theme and competition. Blessing and Happiness to you too, love, nia

  7. But I read now all comments… Yes, on the other hand it would be nice to try to win in the same competition with dear Carl or dear Viveka! I can’t decide now which one is… 🙂

  8. Hi Carl

    Great shot!

    Hi Rod

    I have an idea. Winners can only win once and once they win they cannot submit again. However, after a certain amount of time has past, do a competition just for the winners. This gives everyone a fair chance and then allows the winners to compete against each other.

  9. i think there is really a great advantage if you have a lot of followers in your blog because they could right away LIKE a certain photo that you post.. about the rule ”the winner won’t be able to take place in the next competition”, well maybe if they’ve already won 3x they should be categorized as PRO and all the pros would challenge each other.. then for us that haven’t won yet, we have our own category and we’ll all challenge each other.. btw, congratulations to Carl, that’s really an excellent shot 🙂

  10. First congratulations to Carl!

    If you really want the contest to be about the photography then maybe you could list the entries anonymously and entrants would be disallowed from linking their entry on any of their own sites or social media sites (this would be done on everyone’s honor). This way too everyone can still enter =), and the photography would be liked on their own merit and appeal and not on whom took them. That would even everything making it all about the photography itself. Just an idea ^ ^.

  11. Congratulation ! A beautiful picture !

  12. Aww, such an adorable photo 🙂

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