Our babies..

via mobile.




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13 responses to “Our babies..

  1. Great choices! I love the Nikon product.

    • Thanks..but I hope that I will get a better on soon..:P
      which one do you use?

      • I have the Nikon D5100 and looking forward to the D600 I’ll be getting for Mothers Day :). For water activity we use the AW100 & the girls are getting the Nikon 1 as a point and shoot.

        Would you believe I was still using an old Minolta film camera up until December 2011. .. too much fun!

      • We want the same camera body..:P The one that I was talking about was D600 !For now I have a D5000 the one with the battery grip at the picture..I still use a film camera ( lomo Diana -black jack )but you know..not too much..:P

  2. A great admirer of good photographers ( in my family there are professional ones) I’ve never dared venture into it….but after some lucky moves ,I,m tempted,very tempted……

  3. Some serious babies you have …. Stunning. Great shot. I can image it was hard for them to sit still during the session. *smile

  4. Even though you shoot with a Nikon, I still like you.



  5. Great photos my fellow Nikon user! *air high five

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