8th Challenger – Crystal lake

Mary Hone
A photo of Crystal lake in Wyoming
Crystal lake  (1 of 1)GOOD LUCK



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19 responses to “8th Challenger – Crystal lake

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  2. mollieandalfie

    This is my vote 🙂 xxxx

  3. I vote for Crystal Lake! Gorgeous!

  4. Fantastic photo…The colours are amazing.

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  6. pam m.

    So beautiful!

  7. beautiful! You got my vote

  8. LeftOvers4Dinner

    Love this one! Got my vote!

  9. Gorgeous – would love to visit. I vote for this photo!

  10. I’m voting for Crystal Lake…I love the colors and the reflection

  11. dachshundnola

    My vote

  12. That’s a beautiful picture. 🙂

  13. Tracy Bennett

    Beautiful! This is my vote!

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