All the Challengers

From now on
you can’t sent me photo to enter this competition..
The only think you can do is to vote for your favourite picture!
These are the challengers so far:

  1. Tom Weber
  2. Alec Smith
  3. Tammye Honey
  4. Mari Campbell
  5. Malcolm  Hawkins
  6. Rhonda Hernandez
  7. Nia Sun
  8. Mary Hone
  9. Rossella Sferlazzo
  10. Max
  11. Chirag Murdeshwar
  12. Lynne Ayers
  13. Scott Marshall
  14. Linda Mcdonnell
  15. Earl Harris
  16.  Chanel Alexandra Hason
  17. Rebecca
  18. Viveka a.k.a. Big Girl
  19. Elizz
  20. Carl Milner
  21. Chris Kennedy
  22. KK
  23. Sylvia
  24. Anne Burlinson
  25. Lea
  26. Peggy Icaacs


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2 responses to “All the Challengers

  1. These people are sooo talented!

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