17th Challenger – Sunrise

Sunrise on Goldsborough Creek



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8 responses to “17th Challenger – Sunrise

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  2. Whoops. I accidentally typed the wrong name of my blog. The correct name is http://beccaseventhorizon.wordpress.com

  3. Great image! Unfortunately my “Like” button does not work today – I guess it’s due to the slow internet connection in my Berliner hotel.

  4. Jan

    Rebecca’s Sunset is like a Maxfield Parish sky !! It evokes another time – romantic and beautiful.

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  6. I love this picture! It is simply beautiful! Good luck!! jane

  7. Mary Ann Herzog

    As I have just awakened to a sunrise in Phoenix, I saw your lovely photo of Sunrise on Goldsborough Creek and truly felt a peaceful feeling that connected you to my home here because your photo is absolutely beautiful and what a welcoming start of the day! The photo is well balanced as it is framed to draw the eye to the sunrise. You did a great job and am looking forward to see more of your wonderful photography!

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