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I am kind of angry today…and I ‘ll tell you why! So, I went to skate today to a spot.Half an hour later a cop came to me ( because there is a police station near there ) and told me not to skate there. The point is that I skate for more than 8 years and nobody ever told us to leave that spot. So he asked me if there is an other spot in that area that I can skate and I was like…”what??You are working in this area and you don’t know that there is a skatepark here??” so I told him that I ‘ll live but I asked him one thing!! A couple of years ago a contest organized there.Why they didn’t tell us to leave then??OOOh yeah that was good for tourism right??and now you are telling me to leave cause I skate only on the flat ground??He couldn’t answer so I left. MY OPINION??My opinion is that it was too morning to them and they wanted silence cause I looked at the police station and I saw two officers drinking their coffee and…….anyway ¬†I ‘ll stop it here cause I will say much more… and I am tired of this situation..!
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