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17 responses to “Akita

  1. Nice image. Beautiful light.

  2. Gorgeous dog. Besenji? Or just a tail similar to it.

  3. What a beautiful dog.
    Thank you for your comment on our blog

  4. When you see a dog like this, you want one too!

    This picture reminds me so much of a Siberian Husky I once had that everyone else wanted. In fact, that’s how a got it — I told its first owner I wanted it, and… Suddenly it was mine!

  5. Nice! I love this breed. We have a cat that will only socialize with dogs and figure this will a good fit.

  6. My friends have an all white Akita, Nikko. She’s an old girl now, and these photos took me back to memories of her youthful vigor. They are wonderful dogs and love to hike with you. Extra nice photos…really captured the spirit of this fine breed.

  7. I remember the movie which really made me cry – “Hachi: a Dog’s Tale”.
    You’ve a beautiful dog sir. 🙂

    • It’s not mine actually..I just saw him when I was out one day..but sure they are beautiful dogs..!!I have seen this movie..and it is a real story..!!

  8. Yes, Hatchiko! Such a lovely story is from Tokyo! Would love to see his monument one day. Thanks for sharing and for dropping by.

  9. Nanoo G.

    my dog is an akita… best dog ever ! will post some stuff about ‘her’ asap ‘)
    thx for sharing / bests / n keep in touch dear

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