7th Challenger the secret

Vera Mottino
gave a name to this flower..
the flowers is called ”Secret”

the link of her blog is..



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8 responses to “7th Challenger the secret

  1. veraersilia

    THANK YOU ! PS: I had to specify in the comments that Secret is not a pet name I invented for the rose or the picture but the actual given name of the rose itself as was on its tag when I bought it.

    Regards, Vera M.

    • oh..I thought that you gave this name to this rose miss Vera!I misunderstood!Sorry about that!

      • veraersilia

        No problem! it was a very appropriate name for a rose that I planted in mid-sun mid-shadow near a large tree – it was as though I had to discover the secret every time I went to take care of it.

  2. Reblogged this on vienaqui and commented:
    Intriguing way to espress with such a beautiful flower representing , perhaps our most inner and well kept secrets…the ones we keep to ourselves to savor on romantic , nostalgic days! exquisite!!

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