Sum up

This is the end of  applications!
you have two days to keep voting for
your favourite challenger!

take a look of all the challengers
and vote if you haven’t done it yet!

1)   Alastair Forbes
2)   Eunice Musvasva
3)  Bill Webb
4)  Lee Majors
5)  Artemis Kocheila
6)  Nia Sun
7)  Vera Mottino
8)  applepieandnapalm
9)  Sanna Zetterberg
10)Malaysian Mik
11)Clint Kamstra
12)Karren Silvestri
13)Campbell Edward
14)Glen Nanggilam
15)Amit Sharma
16)Iain Macfadzean
17)Nick Caniglio
18)Kimberly Laing
19)Carol D’Amici
20)Artand Kitchen
21)Robyn Lewis
24)Eleni Sourali
25)Ingrid Dendievel
26)Gary Schollmeier
27)Amy Nathan
29)Stephen Brassawe




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5 responses to “Sum up

  1. They were all wonderful – I vote 12: Karren Silvestri

  2. Al

    How do you vote if you do not have a WordPress account?

  3. Incredibly hard to choose a winner but we think Nia’s moody shot is superb.

  4. They were all so good, it is hard to choose just one–my eye just kept going to #15, though, so that would be my vote

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