Farewell – Video


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5 responses to “Farewell – Video

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  2. Great job … smashing video .. and I like the music too. Wonder how many times he has felt. I liked the orange effect and the flickering that was used. Amazing skating from that roof .. but we never saw what happen .. there. Great video. Enjoyed it.

  3. Flo


    I’m writing from a video production company here in London. We love your video. Where are you based? Could you get in touch, we would love to chat to you guys 🙂 much LOVE

    • Dear Flo,
      First of all I would like to thank you for your comment and your good words about the video!
      We are from Athens ( Greece ) If you have something in mind you can sent me an e-mail at flobo.consigliere8@gmail.com ! If you have a site or videos of your work I am interest to see some!!I hope to talk to you soon!

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