4th RPC starts NOW

Theme: Reflection

The rules:
This competition is for 5 days. You have 3 days to sent me your picture. The last 2 days are ONLY for voting.
2) Each blogger can sent me ONLY 1 photo
3) When you choose your photo, send it to me either via e-mail at flobo.consigliere8@gmail.com or via message on Rodposse Photography facebook page
WARNING: Do not forget to sent me the link of your blog (if you have one)

When I upload your photo I will sent you the link which corresponds to your picture.Spread the world this link to like your picture and become the winner of the 4th Rodposse Photography Competition!!

I hope that you are going to like this theme more than the last one!
About reflection I think that all of you know what I mean so I don’t have to say more about it..!
You know how it goes now..!I can’t wait to see your pictures!!:)
Good luck!




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12 responses to “4th RPC starts NOW

  1. I will go through my photos … but I’m don’t have that many … reflections photos – sure I will find something.

  2. New … one ???? not much reflections around today. *smile

  3. sjophotography

    I have a few but want a better one for this competition, something new and exciting. I wont miss it this time.

  4. anggoen

    I got one but already published :(. can I use the published one? 😀

  5. Impybat

    I just finally entered for the first time. Thanks for doing these competitions!

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