15th Challenger – cherry blossom

”Sakura festival is annual celebration to enjoy the Sakura blooming. It is also a way to introduce some cultures of foreign countries in Palmerston North. One interesting spots in the pond. Before enjoying the performances and food from several countries, lets stop by and enjoying the scenery of the pond.”
A. Ratna says



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23 responses to “15th Challenger – cherry blossom

  1. Beautiful colors! Nice picture!

  2. sjophotography

    This is nice

  3. Excellent photo and love the colours.

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  6. Wow! This photo is gorgeous! I would love to see this place, it’s so pretty!

    • anggoen

      Please come! New Zealand has plenty beautiful places. and the hobbits and the wind… and the sheep…. and the cows…. and me! 😀

  7. anggoen

    Hi…. thank you for the liking and comments. I took the picture last year during spring time. The location is Palmerston North, New Zealand, IPC campus. We celebrate Sakura Festival (cherry blossom). Come and capture the nice moments if you are here as I did (I will back to my country soon and leave the beauty of New Zealand). I didn’t win this time but will send other pictures for the competition next time. Thank you for your supports 🙂

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