Time is up…

Ok guys
This is the end of the first part of the contest!
From now on, no one else can enter the contest!
You have two days ONLY for voting!
Lets take a look at the challengers

  1. Atandi Anyona
  2. Joey Culver
  3. Alastair
  4. Valerie
  5. Terri Walton
  6. Viveka a.k.a. Big Girl
  7. Sylvia
  8. Meredith Scott Maisonneuve
  9. Damali De Mills
  10. Shannon O’neill
  11. G. Charitakis
  12. Adrian Pym
  13. Tisha Clinkenbeard
  14. Mark Lawrence
  15. A. Ratna
  16. Chanel Alexandra Hason
  17. Exilir of Memories
  18. Ferdinand Jacint
  19. Nia Sunset
  20. Carl Milner
  21. Lynne Ayers
  22. Heather
  23. Lisa Bradshaw
  24. Venelina Tzontcheva
  25. Nicole Hawkins
  26. Elizz
  27. Paul Steimer

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One response to “Time is up…

  1. Reblogged this on adrianpym and commented:
    Please vote (for me) two days to make your vote count. Full list of entries here.

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