I spy

A few pictures of mine from yesterdays morning street session
I just separated them into categories
and you will see them all soon!
Enjoy them!
By the way I would like to thank ALL the challengers of the 4th RPC!
and of course the voters..
It’s a great Challenge!
Every picture is amazing..Good job to everyone..!
Here are my pictures!
cats cats1 cats2 cats3



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16 responses to “I spy

  1. I’m a big cat fan …. had two once … Meet many cats during my 3 months is Athens. Everywhere they were. My pick of this adorable bunch is the last photo. It has good taste in cars, BMW!

  2. Cats cats cats I never get bored to see them. I loved them all dear Rod, Thank you, love, nia

  3. love the first photo..nice patterns on his fur..

  4. As an owner of 5 cats, I love these! Especially the little orange tabby. He looks so much like my little Charlie! Thanks.

  5. Cats are so photogenic, aren’t they? They are all so gorgeous. 🙂

  6. Congratulations, great pictures! I love cats!

  7. I enjoy your photo collection. They are very detailed, and each one with the cat is telling a story. I especially like the cat on top of the car. It knows it’s territorial. AHA! Thank you for sharing.

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