What about a new RPC tomorow??

I do love this community of Rodposse Photography competition..
There are so many photographers with such a good eye..
and now that I do have some time..
I don’t want to miss this opportunity and make an other round
So who is in ??
Check out my blog in about 12 hours from now..
to see the rules..!




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6 responses to “What about a new RPC tomorow??

  1. I may not have time, but I’ll see what it is

  2. I love this RPC series… It is going so nicely… Thank you for this dear Rod and Thank you for all attenders, I would like to join too, if I have a time and a nice photograph 🙂 Have a nice new week, love, nia

  3. heatherp4

    If I can take a good photograph or find one io my old photographs related to the subject then I’m in! I really liked the last competition:D

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