5th RPC starts NOW

Theme: Lines

The rules:
This competition is for 5 days. You have 3 days to sent me your picture. The last 2 days are ONLY for voting.
2) Each blogger can sent me ONLY 1 photo
3) When you choose your photo, send it to me either via e-mail at flobo.consigliere8@gmail.com or via message on Rodposse Photography facebook page
WARNING: Do not forget to sent me the link of your blog (if you have one)

When I upload your photo I will sent you the link which corresponds to your picture.Spread the world this link to like your picture and become the winner of the 5th Rodposse Photography Competition!!

roads, railroad tracks,  foot prints in the snow or sand, people waiting in line, lines are everywhere so the possibilities with this one are truly endless!



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16 responses to “5th RPC starts NOW

  1. If I have time I will do this. No guarantees this week though

  2. Yihuuuuu! Another one 🙂 I want to join again… Let me find something to win 🙂 Thank you dear Rod, by the way where are the cats ? Love, nia

  3. Hi there, thanks for doing another one .. just like this fun – you provide me with a wonderful playground. Will put in an entry.

  4. heatherp4

    I’m starting to think of a concept. Thank you for another opportunity!

  5. What is the size of the picture?

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  8. anggoen

    Sent it just now. This become addict *lol.

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